Thank You Rich

The lesson for the day, boys and girls, is that dumb people have their place, you just have to find where that place is, and put them in it.  If I were on Obama’s staff, I think I would be seeking to hire’s Rich Karlgaard, and then have him write every day the same kind of drivel we see here.  Have Rich do one of these babies up every day on a different plank in the platform, and Obama would already on his way to the Oval Office.

But since I’m not on Obama’s staff, I’m just going to go ahead and thank Rich for all he’s done.

– First up, I’m going to thank Rich for using the word “poopy” in his opening paragraph mainly for immediately destroying any credibility he might have.  The only people who get to use the word “poopy”, mean it, and actually have a slim chance at getting taken seriously are girls fourteen and younger, and by the picture alone, Rich fails to qualify.

-I want to thank Rich for warning me of the dangers of a “depression within a depression” because, you know, being so dirt poor I can’t find anything to eat can only be made worse by being even MORE dirt poor so I… still… can’t… find anything to eat…  Um, yeah.  No, seriously, it’s like an enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in a mystery, or whatever the hell Joe Pesci said in JFK.

-Rich, thank you sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, for reminding me of that hilarious scene in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when the philosopher’s and thinking persons unions threaten to go on strike.  How much would businessmen going on strike hurt?  “It’d hurt plenty!” …  wait..  wait for it… BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sidebar, I’m pretty sure a bunch of pudgy middle aged pasty white guys carrying briefcases going on strike will stop pretty much zero scabs from crossing the picket line.

-Rich also gets some thanks for implying that Obama’s policies might force thirteen year old boys to commit suicide.  Not quite as outlandish as Bill Clinton murdering teenage boys with a train, but very very close.  Well, Rich, since I won’t hire you, you still have a lucrative career writing for the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page… putz.

-Rich also deserves credit for comparing Obama to FDR, a compliment unless you’re a wingnut ownership society enthusiast like… um… Rich?

-Also, let’s not forget to thank Rich for invalidating his entire Mental Heavyweight of a post by comparing FDR’s TAX based policies to Obama’s mortgage based proposals.  The passage quoted by Rich is about FDR closing tax loopholes.  The proposal from Obama that sparked this was based on holding predatory mortgage companies accountable for preying on low income families, falsely characterizing their purchase, and taking them to the (ahem) bank when they default.  Being a Navy veteran, and still living in a Navy town, I see this kind of crap all the time, and whenevera  credit discount store starts preying on Navy personnel, the moment the Navy catches wind of this, it blacklists them for all Naval personnel, the only recourse given Virginia’s current interest laws.  I’m tempted to talk about something here… not sure… has to do with apples and oranges, but I forget.  Ah well, perhaps Rich just copied and pasted the wrong passage.

I would have more, but sadly Rich’s opus doesn’t last that long.  Rich Karlgaard, ladies and gentlemen… mouth-breather extraordinaire.

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