The Boogeymen Are Coming

Well, that about settles it, I’m taking the kids, the wife, the brother-in-law, and we’re heading for the hills… literally.  I think we may buy a camper, a years worth of canned goods, and move to the Smokey Mountains not too terribly far from here because al Qaeda’s coming.

As the highly reputable New York Sun reports, during the investigation of the… ahem… FAILED… terrorist attacks in England, intelligence officials have discovered that email communications between the terrorists in the UK, and potentialterrorists here on our own soil.

Clearly this is cause for all of us to first soil our daipers and then move away from highy urbanized areas to avoid the boogeymen from blowing us up.  They could be anywhere, ready to plot and design another mass murder!

The Jawa Report takes a slightly less hysterical view:

Threats made by Adam Gadahn in his new al Qaeda video are getting some people nervous. I wouldn’t be as worried about the American traitor’s threats as I would be about new information which suggests that the failed Glasgow/London suicide bombers had contacts in the U.S.

Okay, worried may be too strong a word. Amused? Yeah, that’s the word. Because if the al Qaeda cell in the U.S. received the same training as the moronic doctors who tried to pull off jihad in Britain, then we really don’t have much to fear. Remember, these are the guys who couldn’t pull off a suicide car bombing right. And they’re doctors. Doctors, I am told by TV, are supposed to be really smart.

Yes, Shackleford, they really are, though it should be mentioned, while a doctor can play around with your heart and brain and make you better, they probably have considerably less experience with bomb making.

 But I’d like to remind everyone of the real disconnect here.  We are now drawing nearer to the sixth anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks.  Osama bin Laden is still alive.  al Qaeda has been allowed to regroup.  Terrorism world wide has increased.

Apparently us being tough on terrorism, or waging a “War on Terrorism,” or being on the “Offensive in the fight against terrorism,” is doing a significantly less than spectacular job.

Unless we have “another 9/11” supporters of the Bush policies in fighting terrorism will always have that to look to as the most irreffutable bit of evidence that the Bush policies are working.  But this is a false argument, as I’ve stated in the past.  It doesn’t necessarily follow because any number of conditions and policies could produce the same result, including al Qaeda just opting not to hit us again.

I now submit my official anti-terrorist policy, and that is for al Qaeda to simply not attack us anymore.  Trust me, it’s gonna work.

Seriously, this is the one thing that has been bothering me for years now.  Republicans consistently poll better than Democrats on combatting terrorism, they consistently get seen as the big and tough party that knows how to wage wars and keep us safe, but minus the absence of a second 9/11, the empirical evidence has been pretty consistent in showing that they are HORRIBLE at this stuff.

They aren’t good at military stuff, and anti-terrorist stuff, they’re just good at playing at it.  We watch hours and hours of tv where the heroes have terrorists at gunpoint and beat information out of the bad guys.  War movies are embedded in our culture.  Everything is still John Wayne, or Arnold Schwarzenegger with these guys, and it’s almost as though they forgot to leave the fantasy in the movie theaters.

And through it all, it seems every day we are exposed to at least three or four news headlines that are almost guaranteed to make at least a few people crap their pants in fright.

This needs to be the recurring question.  Everytime a terrorist gets on tv, or terrorist communications are intercepted, what have you, every time something like this happens, we need to be asking ourselves why we are still here after six years of an adminstration that has been, ostensibly going after these guys in his “Global War on Terror.”

It’s not like we’re being posed by a new threat, that’s the other thing people seem incapable of grasping.  al Qaeda itself was not exactly new when the WTC was hit by commercial airplanes, and terrorism itself is very, very, old.  Even the creation of a terrorist organization takes time as it evolves from a small ineffectual cabal to the kind of network that has the numbers, expertise, and idealogical structure to engage in sophisticated attacks.

And people have been dealing with this for ages, up until now.  Despite massive media campaigns and two wars, we are still no closer to ending terror than we were six years ago. 

What we need to remember is that over the six years, we just made it worse.

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