They Will Kill Us… With Electrical Grid Stuff?

Maybe I’m just getting twitchy about this whole Iran thing.  I hope I’m getting twitchy because if not, then we truly are very much on the way to finding ourselves on the path to war with Iran.

Just today alone it began with a report that went rather far into illustrating just how poised we are to make war with the mostly Shiite country.  That was followed up by some… troubling… comments by our Commander in Chief, comments that largely mirrored those that were made in the run up to the war in Iraq.

Now, courtesy the BBC, we come to find out that the US military has detained seven Iranians in Iraq.  But don’t make any mistakes, these aren’t gun toting killers.  No, they were in Iraq doing something we haven’t been quite so helpful with, helping them work on their power grid.

So this is me, just providing a little information before this turns into more fearmongering by the neocons.


Related:  An interesting exchange between me and my wife.

Me: Yeah, Ms. Teen South Carolina was pretty not smart sounding, huh?

Wife: (no response, just sits there with her head buried in her hands)

Me: Yup, funny day in the news, oh by the way, did you know we’re going to be going to war with Iran soon?

Wife: Really?

Me: It’s not looking good.

Wife: Meh, who haven’t we bombed already?

Me: That’s true.  At this point, if we don’t bomb them they might start to feel left out.

One Response to “They Will Kill Us… With Electrical Grid Stuff?”

  1. Shirin says:

    These are hardly the first Iranians the Americans have arrested. They are still holding several Iranian diplomats whom they arrested and detained. Oh yes – and those diplomats were there on the invitation of the allegedly democratically elected make-believe president of supposedly sovereign Iraq. Sovereign – yeah, right!


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