Things Might Get a Little Weird Around Here

Just a quick note to our readers that we will be performing an engine overhaul of this blog beginning around 8 PM this evening. We have taken every precaution to ensure the site endures little to no downtime. With that being said, one can not account for every little snag. We expect the site to be back up and fully functional by no later than 9 AM Sunday morning.

Wish us luck.

-The Management

6 Responses to “Things Might Get a Little Weird Around Here”

  1. As the cool kids like to say, FIRST!

  2. Michael Tedesco says:

    this is a comment

  3. Second Third, and all yall can now bow down to the superiority that is me.

  4. Michael Tedesco says:

    commenting away

  5. Your creativity astounds me sometimes, you should know.

  6. Michael Tedesco says:

    Piss off, I am working on this switchover mr. I am playing with zelda and my wii wii.

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