Thompson Leaves The Trail

Governor Tommy Thompson, in holding with a previous statement declaring that he would most likely not continue his bid for the presidency should he not place in the top two at the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, has announced that he is leaving the trail.

His absence breaks the seal, so to speak, on candidates dropping out between now and the time voters go to the polls January of next year.

As is to be expected from a drop out this early in the game, Thompson’s lack of presence will hardly leave a lasting impression on the rest of the contest.  His support never clawing its way out of the very low single digits (unless you want to count after the decimal point…), there is no appreciable voter vaccuum left in his wake, and unfortunately for the ineffectual Thompson, he doesn’t even leave the debate with any particular issue or idea that will confound the other candidates.

Not that he wasn’t without merit.  Thompson, I thought anyway, was actually very good on health care, considering.  Further, he had the intellectual honesty to approach the subject realistically and without the political cynicism that has most the rest of the candidates not going much farther on their health care platform other than to call Democratic proposals, “socialized medicine”.

To be sure, in this regard he did raise an important topic about the national debate among the field of GOP hopefuls, but it was his inability to gain traction at the polls or make a splash at the debates that has resulted in the issue essentially getting swept up under the carpet for those who remain.

Aside from that, I remember my impression of him during the first debate; not bad, though far too stiff and static to have a prayer of capturing the inspiration of the kind of voter support he would need to make the long haul.

So Tommy, cheers, know that you are the first to leave the pack, but by no means are you the worst.

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