Times Select Now Free: I’m Bitter

Full disclosure, I’m not particularly fond of NYT’s webpage.  CNN, though the content is considerably sparse, is exceptionally easy to navigate.  WaPo, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to navigate, but their affinity to technorati makes them friendly for bloggers such as myself, and I’m addicted to Cillizza’s The Fix.

By contrast, I’ve always found NYT to be clumsy, and the content, for the most part, not particularly worth it.  So, despite several of my daily reads often linking to its pay to read content, I never subscribed.

I always wanted to, mind you, but I couldn’t justify to myself to drop eight dollars a month to read some of their upper echelon columnists on a whim.

Then that got turned on its head.  Doing as I do and gluing myself to site traffic analyzers, I saw a considerable number of hits coming from an unfamiliar link.  Turns out it was part of the pay content.  Grumbling, I mulled over whether or not to cough up the change to assuage my curiosity.

You know what they say about the cat and curiosity.

Eventually I caved, justifying to myself the transaction by saying that, yeah, I’ve always kinda wanted access to the pay content anyway.  Also thinking that if I was going to go, I needed to go all out, I forked over the fifty bucks it cost for a yearly subscription, as opposed to the eight bucks per month.  All this to, essentially, learn that I was linked to in a blog post.

And now it’s all going to be made free

My one concern is if I’m going to get reimbursed for the money I spent. I don’t want all fifty bucks, but you bet your little rump that I want at least the money back for that amount of time I purchased that will be covered under a free status.

Of course it would be just my luck for them to announce the change in policy to take effect after my subscription runs out. Bastards.

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2 Responses to “Times Select Now Free: I’m Bitter”

  1. Oops, didn’t mean to set you off with that email… LOL

  2. Oh, I was embittered long before the email.

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