Turncoat Joe, AG?

Most rumor mills turning right about now seem to pin the AG tail on the Michael Chertoff donkey as we patiently await the official announcement of which croney… er… highly qualified individual the president will tap as Alberto Gonzales’ replacement.

However, Cliff Schecter’s got another rumor spinning about the upcoming AG select, one that would be so funny if it… well… weren’t really funny at all.

Simply put, forget the Gremlin, our next Attorney General will be Joe Lieberman.

Again, I would call this funny except… Really, who would have thought the man Al Gore picked to be his running mate in 2000 would, years later, ditch the Democratic party and become one of the biggest proponents for a botched vanity war?

Just when you think you have a grasp of the world, it spins on its axis and delivers a nice middle finger right there in your face.

Per Marjorie Cohn who apparently is one of the sources of this rumor:

  • It would stop the Senate investigations dead in their tracks.
  • It would guarantee a Senate confirmation.
  • It would change the balance of power in the Senate, in favor of the Republicans.
  • And it smells of Karl Rove
  • Of course, I’m not exactly with her on all of these. Yeah, it would smell of Karl Rove. As for changing the balance of power in the Senate, that would be true to a degree. Considering Lieberman is “caucusing” with Democrats (which he really isn’t, not on the most important issue on the day. No, this is why we call him Turncoat Joe), it would put Democrats at risk of their majority status, particularly when you stop to look at the idea that it is highly likely that Joe’s replacement will be an appointed Republican Senator.

    But what I would have to question are the first two points. A guaranteed confirmation? Considering that on top of his support for the Iraq War, Turncoat Joe also seems to be splitting with his party on the kind of anti-terrorism tactics that have won Attorney General Alberto Gonzales such wide support (sarcasm alert), I wouldn’t be too quick to start counting chickens.

    Further, I don’t see how a confirmation of Turncoat Joe, let alone a nomination, would in any way stop Senate investigations. That one really boggles me, as the two concepts are only very loosely related. For the most part, as far as we know, investigations into Gonzales are going to continue on all fronts, from the purjury allegations, to the politically motivated US Attorney firings, to the questionable anti-terrorism, anti-civil liberties tactics mentioned above.

    Whomever is behind this little nugget seems to forget one little thing when we talk about Turncoat Joe being nominated as Attorney General; he broke his plate with Democrats a while ago.

    It’s hard for me to believe that he would get any kind of significant support from the people he once caucused with, not after Iraq.

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