U.S. OK’d Troop Terror Hunts in Pakistan

I wonder if all the pundits will apologize to Barak Obama now that his comments have proven not so “irresponsible and naive.”

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3 Responses to “U.S. OK’d Troop Terror Hunts in Pakistan”

  1. heh… REad the Gored post. It’s unlikely. Here’s how it’s gonna play, pending major shake up; Obama will continue to get Gored, though having a significantly stronger hypothetical General Election showing than Hillary Clinton (because somehow, despite large stacks of data that say differently, the “reality based” community believes Hillary to be more electable). Hillary will win the nomination and face Rudy or Fred. Despite significant negatives from either candidate, Hillary’s own net negative, her solidified anti-base, will make the presidential incredibly close to call. I think Hillary may squeak through, the odds I would think are slightly in her favor, but damn it all, I would like to avoid an ulcer before forty.

  2. If the conventional wisdom plays out then yes, sadly.

  3. And there’s a reason why they call it conventional


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