Vetting Michael Chertoff

As mentioned earlier today, there are more than a few rumors going around that Michael Chertoff will be tapped to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. And just earlier today I made a call for the members of the Senate to vet and weigh his announcement, should it come to fruition, very carefully. This is early, perhaps a little premature, but I like to think I’m somewhat helpful, and should Chertoff indeed get the nod, I would like to provide my assistance to the Senate in their deliberations of the head of the DHS.

I was fairly specific in how congress should act in regards to the next Attorney General; the primary focuses being placed upon a dedication to upholding the Constitution, and a commitment to integrity. Sadly, even a preliminary check into Chertoff provides neither of these.

As Elaine Cassel pointed out back in the summer of 03, for instance, one thing that bothered her was the disdain that Chertoff held for due process. Open courts? Nah. Fair trials, uh-uh.

Of course, this should come as no surprise to the man who rounded up 1100 Arab men following 9/11, of which no one was either charged or convicted. Nor should his lack of faith in our courts come as a surprise when you take into account that he had a heavy hand in authoring some of the more controversial aspects of the Patriot Act.

There’s a possible role in penning the now infamous torture memos, as well as anti-gay legal maneuverings, and who could possibly forget the entire Katrina debacle?

But while this may make him distasteful among those of us who care about things like civil liberties and equal rights and the like, it does make him perfect for the Bush administration. Hell, he even has the whole politics of fear thing down pat as evidenced by his queezy gut that told him al Qaeda might just attack us this summer. Let’s all raise that alert to the orange level, or whatever the hell it is.

But I’ll give him a pass on that last one, given that there are still a few more days left of summer. Who knows? His “gut” may actually prove right.

Here’s the real deal, though. This man has no more respect for the constitution or civil liberties than his predacessor before him. In fact, he was a part of the machine that resulted in warrantless wiretaps, suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detention of persons without the right to challenge their detention or even see an unfair trial let alone a fair one.

I spent five minutes on the internet-while distracted with work-and found enough stuff on the guy to know I do not want him in the AG spot. In other words, we can do a whole lot better.

Note: Big Thanks to our friend matttbastard for linking in.

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