What Did I Say About Data Points Again?

Oh right, that maybe, just maybe, small signs of progress are misleading

Let’s see, today 120 to 175 were killed and 150 to 200 were wounded in a series of four blasts that occured very far away from Baghdad in the Yazidi city of Qahtaniya.  Also today, five Oil ministry officials were abducted by masked men wearing Army uniforms.

You know, I don’t really like progress that much…  No… I’m definitely missing the warm and fuzzy feeling here right about now.

One Response to “What Did I Say About Data Points Again?”

  1. xranger says:

    Not warm and fuzzy, but optimistic.

    Those of you on the far left are too gleeful in your pessiimism, and it comes across as rooting for US defeat. You see a catastophic suicide bombing and decide all is lost.

    Stop being so lazy in reading only the sensational and dig further to find the positive steps that are unfolding.

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