White House And Gonzo Still Stonewalling

When Republican Senator Arlen Specter issued a deadline that demanded a letter from Gonzales to basically plead his case that he didn’t commit perjury, you could practically hear the low collective “ooooh” throughout the liberal blogosphere.

Making it clear he wanted some sort of definitive answer by noon today, it was not looking good for the Attorney General when noon came, went, and no letter was delivered. Arlen Specter must have been pissed.

Then, when the letter came and it turned out not be from either Gonzo explicitly resigning or making a good case, or from Bush saying he was finally going to fire him, we should have expected to see Specter get all manner of angry, you know, with veins bulging from his forehead and all. The letter, as it turned out, came from National Intelligence Director McConnell, and was little more than a very verbose and dodgy way of saying, “We’d tell you the truth, but then we would have to kill you, and then lie about that too, which is something we’re totally cool with because we lie about everything else, and though everyone seems to know this, we get away with it anyway.”

Alright! That’s what I’m talking about! Where’s Arlen Specter with the sweaty headband, the bullet straps and the serious firepower ready to lay waste to the liars and criminals, primarily Alberto Gonzales? It’s time for some righteous fury and wrath baby!

Or not. As it turns out, the tough-talkin’ Arlen Specter is not so much John Rambo ready to take on all comers as he is Estragon or Vladimir as they wait indefinitely for Godot. As he made clear during his presence on CNN’s situation room, Arlen’s reaction to getting snubbed about his demand and deadline is to continue to wait for Gonzo’s own personal letter. A letter, might I add, that when it does come will most likely look like the same one McConnell sent, though with a different letterhead and signature…

…maybe. Who knows with these yahoos anymore? I’m at the point where I think it’s entirely possible that a week from now Gonzo may actually try to claim that the McConnell letter actually did come from him. Then he’ll say he doesn’t recall another half dozen times at which point Specter will issue another wasted and pointless deadline.

Right, so this is all good and funny, and I’m sure all the old timers who have a good bead on Specter and his history are having a nice big laugh at all us young folk who really got our hopes up, but this is kinda important. Arlen’s role is important in all this because his support could really make the difference in a PR war. With many conservatives and Republicans not willing to make a stand on at least this one single issue, Gonzo’s ridiculously unprofessional and horrid performance in everything, all we seem to get from the other side is silent treatment with maybe a touch of carrying water for the Attorney General without interjecting personal opinion or integrity in the matter, Specter’s support would at least make this entire endeavor at least marginally bipartisan, and could even bring other Gopper pols in on the fun.

Without him, though, those who have no confidence in Gonzo, don’t think he should be the Attorney General, don’t think he was truthful with congress, and should be held accountable will let all of that go by the wayside for one thing; preventing Democrats from marking up just one in the win column. They will take this off the issue, Gonzo’s credibility, and turn it into yet another political mudfight.

In other words, they will tear everything asunder for the sake of winning. In the end, Gonzo will still be installed, will still be a terrible Attorney General, will still continue to lie, still continue to be incompetent, still manage the US Attorney’s with no measure of competency, and still put at major risk the constitution of this country.

And all of a sudden doesn’t all of this sound terribly silly to anyone?

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