Who Cares?

Instapundit is six years old (and still little more than a manual version of memeorandum).

6 Responses to “Who Cares?”

  1. out on a limb, and I'm trying to cut if off says:

    Instpundit is Ian Pundit from ‘coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory’ saving us from certain dem death for speaking the blog truth?

  2. uh huh… and?

    I think my point is that the guy has spent quite some time now catching huge amounts of traffic for not speaking any kind of blog anything other than linking to other stories.

  3. Actually, Instapundit is Glenn Reynolds and I agree with Kyle, he is certainly not deserving of the traffic he receives. I guess that is what six years will get you eh? Oh by the way, we just passed our four year anniversary but for some reason I didn’t find it necessary to comment about it.

  4. We just had our anniversary? And where, praytell, is my present?

    I was hoping at least you got the joke in this post, Mike.

  5. Oh I got it, you ironic bastard.

    And I was mistaken, our four year anniversary is officially Sunday night.

  6. Well, just remember, four years are flowers, traditionally, but I wouldn’t mind somethin’ made of silk or nylon.


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