Will Rove Need to Change His Talking Points…

Now that Mitt Romney has higher negatives than Hillary?

The Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% of Likely Voters would definitely vote against Romney if he’s on the ballot in 2008. That’s a point higher than the 43% who would definitely vote against Clinton.

Let me just say now that Mitt Romney is a fatally flawed candidate. LOL

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One Response to “Will Rove Need to Change His Talking Points…”

  1. Actually, this is not all that surprising. Romney’s always been a candidate with strong negatives, some that would really ostracize him from the faithfuls of his own party, as well as the party faithfuls… heh.

    For one, there is the liberal bent he had to adpot to be elected governor in the first place, this puts him at odds with conservatives of many stripes despite how quick he has been to pander to conservatives since announcing his presidential bid.

    For another, there is his faith. Mormons, as possibly could be evidenced by last presidential election wherein Utah went solidly Red by I believe over seventy points, align themselves with the more traditional social conservatives. However, this is not to say the alliance is reciprocated back in kind. A lack of knowledge regarding modern Mormonism, particularly among the more prominent Catholics and Baptists, and Born Again Evangelicals that seem to dominate the political debate in regards to faith, seem to have a particularly skeptical view of Mormonism in general.

    Finally, the significance of this in general is in question considering that there is little chance Romney will ever be nominated. Keep in mind that he has an unbelievable organization in Iowa, however it must be taken into consideration that all lagging candidates who are trying to cover the spread by courting early states may just well be shooting themselves in the foot. We won’t know until next year when we finally get to see how the new alignment of primary voting affects the field of play.

    In truth, Romney’s a sideshow, and despite his status as a top tier candidate, comparisons between him and the Democratic top tiers are little more than academic in nature.

    (Does it show how much I hate not being able to blog right now?)


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