You Think You Know Someone

By most accounts, it seems that the new English Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is doing rather well for himself, handling unexpected flooding in his area reasonably well, and befuddling voices on both sides of the aisle in a meeting with President George Bush.  But there is at least one thing the new PM has yet to learn; the nature of our head of state.

Seeking not to draw down British troops at the expense of humiliating the US, Gordon Brown and company are eagerly awaiting what they expect will be a troop drawdown on our part following the much anticipated progress report by General Patraeus next month.

With all due respect, Prime Minister, you haven’t been paying close enough attention to this president, sir.

As the Center for American Progress points out, the Bush administration has something of a nasty habit in regards to saying we’re on the cusp of the Iraq War’s end.  In fact, the mouthpieces involved have gotten so used to saying we’ll be done in just the next few months that I think they are broken that way.  It’s either that or someone forgot to update their calendars.

In truth, I, and many others, saw this coming from the start.  When the surge was first proposed at the beginning of the year, we were supposed to know by summer, then that was pushed off to September.  Even while the timeline was being pushed from summer to early autumn, reports from Bush and Patraeus shifted the expectations even further down the road.

At this point, it is beginning to have the feel that these guys are simply sitting around and hoping for the war to magically end itself.  Unfortunately, the best place to deal with magic would be in a Harry Potter novel, and not in how we execute our foreign policy.

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