Al Qaida Going After The Danes?

If, then… it’s just that simple.  That’s all you need to know to hop on board the logic train and take it for a ride.

For example.  If you attempt to put a peg in a hole, and it refuses to go in, then you can assert that the peg does not fit into the hole, and should therefore move on to another peg.

See?  Easy as pie.  A three year old could, given the time and resources, eventually find the right peg for the hole.  If only our administration could see it that way.

Despite warnings from the preceding administration that Islamic terrorism, specifically the al Qaeda brand of terrorism, the current administration simply ignored them.  But on the morning of September 11th, 2001, when four airplanes were hijacked and used as giant missiles to launch attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the administration finally awoke to the threat at our door.

You see, Osama bin Laden’s brand of terrorism provided a hole through which the administration had to find the right peg.  The previous administration had an okay peg; it worked, but needed to be banged into place with a wooden malet, and could probably use a little sanding to smooth out the rough edges.

But following September 11th, instead of trying to hone down that peg and make it more effective, Bush & Co. threw the largely ignored peg away because it smelled like Bill Clinton. Yucky, who would want something that smelled of Slick Willie?

So the administration fashioned a new peg, one that focused on militarism and going to war with Iraq.  The peg was adorned with flourishes such as infringements upon our civil liberties, and engaging in torture.  It was a shiny new peg that smelled absolutely nothing like Bill Clinton, and captured the trust of millions of Americans.

It was also a peg that completely failed to work.

One thing that failed to be a part of this peg was any kind of amicable outreach towards the muslim world in an attempt to isolate the extremists from the mainstream population.  Indeed we continue to do this by our very actions; every day the Iraqi infrastructure remains a heaping pile of dung we are sending a message to the mainstream folks that we really don’t care a whole hell of a lot about them.

Then there were the cartoons largely thought of as offensive first released in Danish news publications.

Whatever the case.  We’ve learned that the peg just doesn’t fit, not at all.  Terrorism and the threat thereof world wide has simply increased despite our policies, with the high profile London tube bombings of 05, the botched terror attacks earlier this year in England, and now, of all places, another botched terror plot in, of all places, Denmark.

To be sure, this last example is, locally, an example of handling terrorism reasonably well through the collection of evidence and timely moving out before the cell mobilizes and actually enacts the plan.  But this is microscopic, and blocks out the larger picture.

As Captain Ed points out, not only is Denmark’s role in the coalition a factor in al Qaida choosing to target the Danes, but also the running of a controversial cartoon that set the muslim world in a fit of rage.  And rightly so.  Before people get too high and mighty about muslims taking a cartoon too seriously, let’s not forget the rage that “Piss Christ” and other pieces art pieces sparked in the public forum.

But public uproar and terrorism are two totally different things, and the fact still remains; with the Bush administration still trying to push the same failed peg through the hole over and over again, he has missed the logic train completely.

It doesn’t work, Mr. President.  It never has.

We have militarized our anti-terror policies, giving fundamentalist Islam terror networks the epic conflict they have wanted.  We have a

3 Responses to “Al Qaida Going After The Danes?”

  1. matttbastard says:

    “Those arrested are militant Islamists with a connection to a leading al-Qaida person.”

    Which could easily mean “someone who knows someone who’s cousin knew a guywho once donated to the wrong charity”. In other words, totally meaningless WAR ON TERRA press release bullshit.

    My ex-wife is Danish. When I get home, I’ll check some of the local English news sources that I have bookmarked, and see if I can ask her to translate what Politiken and DR1 are saying as well (if anything). There’s no doubt that Denmark has a sizable number of Islamic militants currently residing within its borders. And, like many European nations with large Muslim communities, there is a growing radicalism among young so-called ‘2nd gen immigrants’ who have difficulting integrating with a largely hostile populace (while still feeling alienated from the cultural heritage of their parents/grandparents – Olivier Roy has written extensively on this phenomena; remind me to send you an essay of his that I have bookmarked, or feel free to search my page).

    But this doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘al-Qaeda in DK!!11’

    That said, the relationship between ‘native born’ Danes and 2nd generation immigrants is contenious (at best) and has been for some time now. Even leftists like my ex-father-in-law complain about ‘foreigners’ (read: brown folks) taking away the country from ‘true’ Danes (the ‘Eurabia’ theory isn’t just the party line of the usual Far Right suspects any more). The ‘cartoon’ controversy was (initially) fueled by local nativist antipathy (which, as initmated, transcends the left-right political spectrum), rather than an international clash of cultures. Jyllands-Posten, the paper that originally commissioned and published the infamous cartoons, is a far-right anti-immigrant publication well known for deliberately baiting the Muslim immigrant community. So for those familiar with its tactics, its claim of taking up the ‘free speech’ cross rang hollow (especially considering editor Flemming Rose once refused to publish an editorial cartoon featuring a less-than-flattering portrayal of Jesus because he felt it could be offensive to Christians.)

    Additionally, Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s initial dismissiveness to the (non-violent, non-inflammatory) concerns of Muslim community leaders certainly didn’t help diffuse tensions- the cartoons originally appeared in DK about 5 months before the controversy emigrated outside the borders of Denmark. Rasmussen’s Liberal Democrats form a coalition gov’t with the nativist Danish People’s Party, and has to regularly pander to an explicitly xenophobic constituency .

    Members of local militant community leaders decided to escalate tensions and took their concerns to an international forum (deliberately exaggerating the cartoons and, in one case, engaging in outright fabrication). So you had extremists on both sides with an agenda who took advantage of the situation. Although I would contend that neither side knew just how far things would go.

    But tensions between immigrant and ‘native’ communities in DK (as with many European nations) goes a lot deeper than just ‘9/11 changed everything’ or ‘CARTOON CONTROVERSY’!!1

    But I totally digress. As said, will see if I can get more details.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Members of local militant community leaders… Scrub ”Members of’ from that. I hate writing at work. Thankfully I’m on my way home now.

  3. Heh, no problem.

    The ultimate point is that, and I’ve written on this before, globally, we Western States are essentially shooting ourselves in the collective foot because we are only undergoing the most cursory of , “Not all Muslims are teh bad!!!11!!! Lol” while for the most part large amounts of people are really stirring the anti Arabic sentiment up but good.

    So when we look to combating “militant fundamentalist Islamists,” we are continuously isolating ourselves from perhaps the best weapon in doing so and that would be the millions and millions of Arabic muslims that are not terrorists. I know, I know, it’s shocking, but there really are more non terrorist muslims than terrorist muslims. And if we are nice to these non terrorist muslims, they may bring some of their friends who were thinking of going terrorist, but with a little help, might see the benefits of abstaining.

    No, we’re not doing that at all.


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