Are You Ready for Some Football?

Reggie Bush

The NFL gets under way tonight with a great matchup in Indianapolis between the defending champs, the Indianapolis Colts, and the up and coming New Orleans Saints.

The beauty of the NFL is the parity that has been achieved so that at the beginning of every year virtually every fan of every team can believe this is the year their team will make a run.

In tonight’s game, the Colts are favored by six at home. I say take the points and bet the Saints. The Colts lost a lot of key players during the offseason. On the other side, the Saints have had a year for all of last year’s new pieces to gel. I’m not realy going out on a limb, but I feel that Reggie Bush is going to blow up this year.

As a secondary bet, it looks like the money line on the Saints is +215 (i.e., if you bet $100 on Saints to win outright and they do, you win $215). I’d take that bet, too.

10 Responses to “Are You Ready for Some Football?”

  1. I threw the “clear” command in for you so the image would not hang. Hope you don’t mind. If you do I will come to your house blasting away! LOL

  2. Good thing Mac don’t have a secret service detail or you’d be screwed.

  3. Incidentally, Mac, how do you feel about the Niner’s this year?

  4. Macswain says:

    I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Niners, even some saying they can go to the Super Bowl. I’m not buying it this year. Even though Frank Gore’s a monster, the kid at QB will be better and their No. 1 pick, Patrick Willis, will be solid, there are just too many questions on the O line (starting 36 year old Larry Allen and a rookie?) and with the receiving corps (no more Antonio Bryant).

    they’re also in a much improved division where the Rams and Cardinals both made moves to improve and the Seahawks remain solid. I still think the ‘Hawks will win the division but the Niners have a legit shot at a 9-7 season and maybe a wild card.

    We’ll know more about them and the Cards after their opener.

  5. Wee! After so long in the dark, I’ll just be happy to see them take a Wild Card spot.


  6. Macswain says:


    No one else with the cajones to make a call on tonight’s game?

  7. I’ll take the Saints. They made a huge run last year, and then there’s the whole Katrina story line (I had a friend that told me this conspiracy theory back during the superbowl season at the beginning of the year).

    I’m gonna run with the conspiracy theory and say the Saints make a huge run this year.

  8. Macswain says:


    Apparently the Saints were under the misimpression that NFL games are only 20 minutes long.

  9. That bad? I was at work for some, and on the road for some so I didn’t even bother last night.

  10. I missed the entire first half as I was watching Hardball and Countdown on the Tivo. Second half was a disaster for the Saints, they looked pathetic. Oh well, that is why I do not gamble.

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