Burmese Junta: “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Visas!”

The military junta in Burma continues its retort to the “all words, no action” posturing invoked so far by world leaders gathered in New York.  The world’s calls for restraint and the dispatching of a UN envoy have had zero effect on the Burmese military.

During the night, there were reports of the military breaking into monasteries  and beating and detaining monks.  This morning, there are reports of the military firing automatic weapons into crowds of protesters.

China and Russia (providing further insight into Putin’s soul) continue to stand as an impediment to any UN action referring to the situation as an “internal matter.”

2 Responses to “Burmese Junta: “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Visas!””

  1. matttbastard says:

    brownfemipower has extensive (and heartbreaking) coverage of the crack down.

    So much for empty gestures from naked emperors..

  2. alice88 says:

    to all of us who were there in ’88 or who were paying attention it comes as no surprise that the military junta would eventually crack down on the demonstrators, and viciously, this time. i imagine many of the people are surprised and aghast at the beating and killing of monks, however, in this devoutly buddhist nation. in any case, members of the military from the officials on down are the most privileged of people in a very poor and deprived country and will not gladly give up their economic advantages and power. therefore, one can see no change in the present government coming any time soon, especially if china refuses to interfere with its present economic arrangment with the junta in. i hope to live long enough to see a free burma with a chance to rebuild its once prosperous and democratic nation.

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