Bush’s Shocking Announcement: “Mandela’s Dead!”

Not only that, but Bush tells us Mandela and all the Mandelas were killed by Saddam Hussein.

I’m not making this shit up. Think Progress has the video. We’re fucked.

3 Responses to “Bush’s Shocking Announcement: “Mandela’s Dead!””

  1. mick says:

    Beyond embarrassing. We have a “leader” who can’t think or talk. Shouldn’t he be able to do one or the other? (I realize “both” would be asking too much.)

  2. Was this the same presser where he claimed to have a B in Econ but an A in cutting taxes and spending responsibly? Because that had to have been a joke, and not what he really believed.

    And to think, in 2000 he campaigned as the CEO president.


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