California Will Remain Winner Take All

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Republican evil secret layer, the sinister underworld bosses saw a problem.  In smoke filled rooms, these shadowy pit bosses with a slitted and every vigilant eye saw room to hamstring the efforts of their Democratic foes.

Thus was the new project born.  Target: California.

In the electoral college, all but two states, Nebraska and Maine, have a winner take policy with electoral votes.  Meaning, when a presidential candidate wins that state, they win ALL the votes as opposed to just those coming from the congressional districts that they won.  For this reason, California stands as a particularly sore spot for Republicans given the fact that the state equates to about fifty five votes that are guaranteed to go Democratic unless of course the GOP resurrects Ronald Reagan from the dead, and wipes history of his two term presidency.

After Bush, I’m not sure even that would be enough.

Thus these shadowy underbosses made a move, and through a Republican law firm, Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, filed paperwork to divy up California’s electoral votes based on congressional districts.  The move would have opened up possibly as much as nineteen electoral votes for the GOP nominee next year, but thanks to a lack of funds, the initiative has been ixnayed.

I”m not a particular fan of the electoral college, to be honest.  I think it is one of the bigger contributors to voter apathy in national politics, and has resulted in only a smattering of “battleground” states receiving nearly all of the attention from politicians during political season.  Meanwhile, states that are considered out of play are for the most part ignored and insignificant in presidential politics.

Of course the largest example of the failure of electoral politics was on display in 2ooo when Al Gore won the popular vote, but (with a little help from the Supreme Court) lost the electoral.  It’s a little tough to make the case that your vote matters when even if you vote with the majority of Americans, you still don’t get to see your choice for President actually get sworn in.

In all actuality, the elecotral college is little more than a joke, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t call foul on Republicans trying to twist it around for their own benefit.

5 Responses to “California Will Remain Winner Take All”

  1. mick says:

    A Republican initiative to hijack an important state is scotched by a lack of funds???!!! How lame is that? Where was Scaife? Ray Hunt? Exxon? I mean, it’s not like the GOP lacks deep-pockets donors who’d pay Big Money for a chance to get another Puppet Boy in the WH.

  2. I wondered that. For one, if I remember Californian politics well enough, I think this would require a straight up vote by the people of California, which would mean that you would need a severely huge media blitz to pull it off, as I’m sure the majority would naturally vote it down.

    As for why the big wallets of the GOP haven’t stepped up to the plate, I dunno, but I would wager that preventing other groups getting similar ideas in states such as texas, florida, ohio, etc.

    Definitely one of those, pandora’s box situations I’m sure.

  3. xranger says:

    We have an evil secret layer?


  4. Yep, right below the tasty outer coating.

  5. Wonky Muse says:

    Thanks for highlighting this story. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a billionaire GOP supporter and member of Giuliani’s finance committee is the big money behind the initiative. [[LINK]

    I’ve also written a blog post on some interesting tidbits about the other major players Hiltachk and Hurth, both veterans of electoral shenanigans. Mr. Hurth was also involved, believe it or not, in an ass-biting incident. [LINK]


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