Can We Please Have A New Drummer?

Parroting talking points he learned from UK tabloids such as The Sun, Turncoat Joe LIEberman has grown so audacious in his desire to help Bush in the wardrum beating in regards to Iran that he actually asked Petraeus if he would go into Iran as part of his mission in Iraq.  Joe doesn’t like the answer he receives.

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In fact, for pretty much most of the year the drums to go to war in Iran have been pounding hard, loud and fast, and yeah, sure I like drums just about as much as any music afficianado, but can we at least have a new song please?

Apparently not. While everyone in DC is currently focused on the quagmire that is Iraq, the path to war against Iran has been slowly laid by the administration and its allies. In declaring the 125,000 strong Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps a “terrorist organization” the legal precedent was set, allowing Iran to now fall under the GWOT and giving Bush at the very least a pseudo legal argument to bypass congress in his bid to make war with Iran.

Meanwhile, the narrative had to be established, and if a cause for war had to be drummed up, what better fear inducing imagery could there be than Iran having control of nuclear weapons? Slipping such claims into a recent NIE, and then echoing the sentiment in an even more recent speech delivered by the president, the PR stage was being set.

Which merely left the military aspect to consider. Just recently British scholars had written a report that showed exactly how poised the US was to make an attack on Iran, but if that wasn’t scary enough, what should have really gotten those fearing a war with Iran going was the revelation that the Pentagon has just drafted plans for a three day bombing blitz that would severely hobble the Iranian military.

All of this war drum beating despite two very real facts. The first is that Iranian President Ahmedinajad is term limited, and at the very most poses a threat only until 2012. But even that is looking like a lessening possibility as more moderate forces are starting to rise to power within the Iranian government, leaving some experts to believe the sitting president won’t last through the end of next year. The other thing to take into consideration is that despite all the “DANGER WIL ROBINSON!” fear inducing, terror pumping propaganda the administration is feeding us, Iran has been very cooperative with the IAEA, and as of right now, the IAEA has no cause to believe that Iran is using nuclear technology for purposes outside of power generation.

Despite this, the abandonment of economic sanctions by Germany has led US officials to crank up the war machine on Iran a couple more notches.

Germany’s withdrawal from the allied diplomatic offensive is the latest consensus across relevant U.S. agencies and offices, including the State Department, the National Security Council and the offices of the president and vice president. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns, the most ardent proponent of a diplomatic resolution to the problem of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, has had his chance on the Iranian account and come up empty.

Political and military officers, as well as weapons of mass destruction specialists at the State Department, are now advising Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the diplomatic approach favored by Burns has failed and the administration must actively prepare for military intervention of some kind. Among those advising Rice along these lines are John Rood, the assistant secretary for the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation; and a number of Mideast experts, including Ambassador James Jeffrey, deputy White House national security adviser under Stephen Hadley and formerly the principal deputy assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs.

FAILED? B-B-But… IAEA! More moderate governmental influences! How is this failing? Unless by failing you mean failing to be sufficiently antagonistic enough to make a good enemy for the American people to want to go to war with.

As a result ladies and gentlemen, we now have our timeline with war in Iran. Look for it to happen within the next 8 to 10 months. That’s how much time we have, between the primary elections, and before the general elections. Incidentally, is it just me, or does the fact that the war planning against Iran is set to an electoral timetable have a particularly foul smell to it?

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