Change Over Experience

Every presidential campaign tells a story, and every candidate seeks to guide that narrative.  While on the GOP side, in the wake of Bush’s failed brand of conservative, the story seems to be who is the true conservative, on the Democratic side, the story is one of experience.  Who has the experience to lead the country in such a vital and dangerous time?  This narrative, penned in large part by Hillary Clinton’s camp, could wind up with an unhappy ending for her presidential hopes.

Hillary Clinton, who usurped the mantle of experience from those fellow candidates who have significantly longer and better fleshed out resumes, such as, say, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Chris Dodd, just for starters, has still made it clear that she’s not only the tough one of the group, the one that has the ability to take on the GOP, but also the one with “experience.”

But is experience a good thing? Perhaps not:

Indeed it would be almost folly to think that in today’s world of political rancor and the generally low opinion of DC from the populous that experience would be considered anything but a liability, and a recent Gallup Poll backs this up.

Despite Hillary Clinton maintaining a commanding lead in the polls, Democratic voters say they are more likely to choose a candidate who represents change over experience by a considerable amount.

This is, of course hypothetical, and there is a high probability that there will remain a large gap between theory and practice on this one. On the other hand, if this poll is accurate then the narrative driving Hillary’s campaign could prove to be a very bad one, as people are going to be looking for the bigger change candidates (re: Obama, Edwards) over the experience candidates (Clinton, Biden, Dodd, Richardson).

2 Responses to “Change Over Experience”

  1. Great video.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Makes me very happy to be a Libertarian — and makes me want to encourage everyone to support Dr. Ron Paul in the 2008 races.

  2. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Paul, actually, and you can search the site and I’ve only really bashed him once. I don’t agree with him on a lot of things, but I admire his conviction, his willingness to stray from the party line (which is because he’s not really a Republican so much as a Libertarian anyway), and his respect and adherence to the constitution.

    I do so terribly wish that he had a better chance at the nomination than he really does. Hopefully you guys in his grass roots and net roots campaign can help elevate him to greater prominence.

    Strange crazy I must be high thought of the day. Obama Paul ticket. I would so vote for that.


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