Cheer Up, Kyle

OKay, one more for the Labor Day weekend fun files.

After enjoying the Flight of the Conchords finale, I felt guilty about harshing on Kyle for not having HBO. I felt it only appropriate if Mikey and I make it up to Kyle by offering him a small gift to let him know how much he truly means to his blogger buddies (Mikey, please excuse my indiscretion of nonconsensually gifting on your behalf).

Just replace “Murray” with “Kyle,” think of Mac and Mikey as the singers and you’ll get the picture:

But this begs the question. if Kyle’s the Murray of our trio, than which one of us is Brett and which Jermaine?

3 Responses to “Cheer Up, Kyle”

  1. Hahahahahah

    Thanmks mac.

    I wonder if I can timeshift this show too.

  2. Hey now, why does Kyle get to be Murray? I am the beand maneager. LOL

  3. Cuz I’m cool like that.

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