Earlier today, I had to vent a little upon coming across one of the most unAmerican posts I’ve read in a while.  Doing a quick little follow up on our man Snooper, it turns out that not only is he unAmerican; he’s also a coward.

The revelatioin hit me when I checked out the comments to the offending post, and found this waiting for me.  I reproduce my findings below:

Great post Snooper!!! Thanks for the mention.

Gravatar Seeing that I borrowed a smidgen of yours, I thought I had better!!

Gravatar Outstanding Snooper.

Do we have men in this country with the balls and the authority to begin prosecuting these traitors?

Are citizens of this country allowed to bring charges of sedition and treason against a senator or CONgress person? If so, what is the procedure and who do we contact to get this going?

I’ve had enough already….decades of this crap.
I realize one person can’t do it all but we the people can if we do it together.

Simply voting them out of office is NOT enough. They need to answer for their actions and either spend time in jail or swinging from a rope.

Gravatar I prefer ropes.

Gravatar cowards not allowed

Edited By Siteowner

Now, let’s ignore the not so veiled threat on members of Congress (didn’t we just get into a flap about this stuff between Kos and O’Reilly?  Of course, while both Kos and O’Reilly could maintain somewhat clean hands by not actually participating in the threatening conversations, Snooper fails to do so and implicates himself quite nicely), and focus on this last comment, ostensibly a criticism of Snooper’s post.

Edited by the siteowner (Snooper), we may never know what Raoul the Commie had to say about Snooper’s post.  Instead, we are only privy to Snooper’s take on dissent.

“Cowards not allowed.”

True to his apparent credo that dissent equates to treason and sedition, Snooper has done something we do not do here at Comments From Left Field; he has deleted an opposing argument.

This is true cowardice.

Strangely enough, writing for a liberal website, we tend to actually get more conservative comments than leftist ones, and yet, you will find that we do not erase a single one.  Because someone does not agree with us, we do not attempt to stifle their opinion.  In fact, we try to do the American thing, we debate them.

You, our readers, the minds of America, provide the crucible into which we cast our ideas.  If we were interested in self-gratifying praise, we would quickly delete the comments of some of our longest readers who happen to be conservative (daveinboca, xranger), but that’s counterproductive at least in my mind.  Some of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had on this site have been with xranger, and shockingly enough, when we scream at each other long enough, we find instances where we actually agree.

Snooper appears deathly afraid of this concept.  So much so that shortly after seeing the deleted comment, I posted my own taking him to task for his sheepish cowardice; hours later, the comment still has yet to appear.

Haloscan sometimes hiccups, I can’t deny that, and for that I am willing to give Snooper the Bennie o’ doubt, but that still does not erase the glaring attempt to cover up a dissenting view on his website.

You see, talking tough does not cure one of cowardice.  Strutting around and showing your macho does not a brave person make.  Snooper can talk about letting congressmen swing from nooses as much as he likes, it still doesn’t change the single fact that he is afraid of views that run counter to his own.  It doesn’t change the fact that he is in truth a coward.

Raoul the Commie’s post has been deleted, leaving a wide gash in Snooper’s already questionable credibility.  Snooper’s comment here, though, remains in tact, as will anyone’s (assuming it’s not spam).

Until he’s willing to change that, Snooper remains forever a spineless coward.

7 Responses to “Coward”

  1. matttbastard says:

    Yawn. He’s trying to be all Misha and stuff. The Rottweiler should sue for copyright infringement (or do the manly thing and, ahem, get a rope. For hanging the wash, of course. More environmentally friendly than using a dryer.)

  2. matttbastard says:

    (Which reminds me – I have laundry to do. Sigh.)

  3. I do not know this Misha you speak of.

  4. matttbastard says:

    And on that note, I will depart for the evening, having registered my general bemusement at both blog feuds and trolls. Good luck to snooper. Hopefully his Cafe Press site sells lots of ‘Lib’rulz teh SUCK’ -type schwag.

  5. matttbastard says:

    Don’t make me link to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Please.

  6. I’ll google it. night man. Good work today.

  7. redhawk says:

    What is making all the LEFT WING LUG NUTS so extremely agitated lately???
    Might it be that it is dawning on them that they are on a steep slippery slope to land in the George Soros Cesspool …..and to paraphrase an old saying… ALL THAT FLOATS COMES TO THE SURFACE.. Is that whats’ agitating the DUDUS???????

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