Don’t Tell Me Who Sends The Wrong Message To Our Troops

As someone who has long been highly critical of the war effort, and Bush’s policies in Iraq, I have grown rather used to people telling me I’m sending our troops the wrong message.  Democrats who have been harshly critical of the Iraq war have been accused of implying that our troops are dying for nothing.  Yeah, I don’t want to hear that shit ever again.

The first time I saw it I was so utterly shocked by the sheer incredulity that filled me that I had little to say. It took Mike adding this video to put the entire thing in perspective.

Chuck Adkins thinks the argument is ridiculous, and is at least in part correct. Patraeus is not a policy maker. But to think that there is still something terribly wrong with the answer given by the General is cutting him far too much slack.

This is military leadership 101 people. Mission relevence. Making sure the lowliest grunt in your charge understands their mission and how that mission impacts the safety of the United States. In other words, you bet your ass Petraeus should know if this mission is making America safer and he should be able to clearly communicate that to his troops on the ground.

“But if the commander over there can’t justify the deaths of these soldiers because it serves a national purpose and makes us safer then what the hell are we doing there?” as Christ Matthews has said.

Oh no. You want to talk about devestating messages to the troops? How about the commander of the forces in Iraq declaring that he doesn’t know if the over three thousand troops who have died did so to make us safer? How about the fact that he’s going to go back to Iraq, go back to order more possibly to their deaths, and he can’t even tell them America is being made safer.

This isn’t me, folks. This isn’t democrats in congress. This is the four star general who is commanding the troops on the ground.

So don’t anyone tell me what kind of message I send to the troops. You all just lost credibility on that.

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