Filibuster Everything – Pay No Price

I just want to add a couple of notes to Mick’s post on the DC Bill going down and Kyle’s post on the filibuster of the Habeas Bill. First, there’s this from Kevin Drum:

So, for the record, here are the votes. On the habeas bill, Democrats and Independents voted 50-1 in favor. Republicans voted 42-8 against. On the DC bill, Democrats and Independents voted 49-1 in favor. Republicans voted 41-8 against. Would it really be so hard for reporters to make it clear exactly who’s responsible for blocking these bills?

Remember when the media screamed obstructionists every time the Democrats even hinted at a filibuster. Now, with the Republicans setting records on filibusters, the media barely mentions the “F” word and, instead, treats it as we should expect the Senate to run on 60 plus votes in the regular course. Not only have the Republicans paid no price for their abuse of the filibuster, they have been rewarded for it. The media constantly reminds us of the Republican spin that Congress isn’t accomplishing much without telling the public the reason why. This allows Republicans to drive Congressional approval ratingss into the toilet and then make the dishonest claim that it is a reflection solely on Democratic control of Congress.

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  1. Yes… I noticed that. The word “cloture” gets brought up more frequently than filibuster nowadays. hmmm… Must show better with test audiences or something.

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