Give Me My Money Back!

Effective midnight tonight, the New York Times Times Select pay content will be made available free of charge indefinitely.  Now, if you want to read some people who are going to talk about market ideals and whether it’s a good idea to put your A-List content behind a fee, you can go read these people:, BuzzMachine, Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard, LA Observed, QandO,, Middle Earth Journal, TalkLeft, Bark Bark Woof Woof, Althouse, Corrente, The American Mind, Gawker and Romenesko

As for me, I just want my money back!

So I actually spent fifteen dollars to buy a year’s subscription to the service, and not but maybe two or three months in and it’s free all of a sudden? I should definitely be seeing a some of that money coming back to me, don’t you think? I’ll be shooting the good folks of Times’ online content an email to let them know my situation, and whether or not they want to give me my money back.

I’ll keep you informed.

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