Good Luck Soldier, I Don’t Know What the Hell You’re Fighting For

The video speaks for itself…

As promised yesterday.

Transcripts Courtesy of Hardblogger.

MATTHEWS: I understand, sir. You’re very emotional about this because you’re talked to me. I’ve watched you on television, not just with you personally, but watched you on television talking about the need to give these men the equipment to protect them, the vehicles, to protected them from IEDs.

And I keep thinking about General Eisenhower. I didn’t serve in the military. I was in the Peace Corps. But let me tell you something. General Eisenhower, when he met with the troops on D-Day, right before they took off and risked their lives, and lost them in many cases, he said, Good luck, soldier. Imagine if he’d said to them, Good luck, soldier. I don’t know what the hell you’re fighting for, I don’t know if this is going to make our country any safer or not. It’s unimaginable.

It’s unimaginable that Petraeus came before the Senate and spoke. Imagine what this is going to sound like on Armed Services Radio tonight and television when they watch the commander say they don’t know whether they’re making America safer or not.
And he’s asking them to go into battle every day. It’s maddeningly stupid. And this president seems to be hiding behind a guy he gave the orders to and then is expecting him to defend the policy, and he admits it’s beyond his pay level to defend the policy.

BIDEN: Let me tell you something, Chris. He also knows that there’s other generals and admirals, some his superiors, who do not think it’s making America safer.

MATTHEWS: Oh, I think that is his honest answer, Senator. I think you were on to it when they say they don’t know, I’m afraid they do

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