Halo 3 Drops on Sept. 25th

Placed my preorder today for the greatest video game ever!

Playing a video game may sound juvenile, but I would recommend you buy it and play it so you don’t end up being a quick-triggered fool who’ll shoot Otis through a door before Andy can arrive and take him to the drunk tank.

8 Responses to “Halo 3 Drops on Sept. 25th”

  1. pfft. Metroid Prime 3 is teh greatest ever, dood.

  2. HALO is sweet no doubt but I have moved away from using my PC for gaming (sad). Now if you want to play a decent game on PS2 try SOCOM, Black, or Splinter Cell.

  3. BTW. You are never going to let me live that post down are you?

  4. Apparently he’s not.


  5. At least you know I am not the only Gun Toting Liberal in the blogosphere…

  6. Well, compensation is a well documented phenomenon, so I’m not shocked.


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