He Just Needs To Go

I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again.  Harry Reid needs to step down as Senate Majority Leader.

Right now, Democrats are in a fight for their lives.  Not only are they the ones left to defend the constitution against the domestic enemies known as the Bush Administration, not only are they in a fight to instill the will of the people on the US presence in Iraq, but in a way, you can say they are in a fight for the soul of their own party.

And they are losing bad.

Rounding out a week of failures, Democrats failed to even get a full caucus on a bill that would greatly bring under control the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq.  Indeed, even presidential candidate Senator Chris Dodd voted no on it, perhaps belying his ambitions to appear as a leader on the Iraq war.

This, however, is simply unacceptable, and given Democratic history this year on trying to pull the breaks on the Iraq war, inconceivable.  From where I stand, Dodd’s vote can be little else but a symbolic attempt to stand firm, but it does little to actually forward any progress in putting an end to the Iraq war, especially when you consider that future bills will only be watered down in an attempt to woo Republican moderates over to our side.

An effective Senate Majority Leader would have his head.

But we have Harry Reid, ladies and gentleman.  The man who folds when he should stand, and stands when he should fold.

In fact, the only measure that has passed the Senate this week has been a condemnation of the Move On “General Betray Us” ad.  A more wasteful and disgraceful exhibition I can only imagine.  Thankfully, reader Leland offers up the entire Terry Schiavo ordeal as an adequate analogy.

In truth, that bill was nothing more than Republicans gaming the hapless Democratic Caucus just as they always do.  Democrats who voted for it should feel shamed because they were bullied by the Republicans into a useless matter that only puts the Senate on record as being against free speech.    Further, they allowed Republicans to commandeer the press and public attention away from the significant matters at hand in order to, once again, make it look like Republicans are the only true defenders of the troops, and Democrats are weak.

Those who voted against the resolution don’t have much to feel better about either.  Their registered dissent only proves one thing; Republicans are still able to drag them down into bitter partisan nonsense that has turned the American people sour to the point of nausea about Congress.

Real big winners there guys.

And it all comes down to their leader.  The idea that he can’t even get his own caucus to stay unified on a vote is ridiculous.  The fact that he tabled the Webb amendment, only four votes shy of breaking the filibuster, is unconscionable.

We’ve heard Reid say time and time again that he was going to keep fighting the good fight.  Well, Harry, Bush has been saying that about Iraq now pretty much since it started.  If I won’t buy it from Bush, I’m not going to buy it from you.

Step down and let someone with a spine run the show.

3 Responses to “He Just Needs To Go”

  1. mick says:

    I know you don’t buy this (yet) but I’ll say it again for the people just joining us: getting rid of Harry Reid would be pointless. The DLC/BD Alliance would just replace him with someone who’d do exactly the same things because what they’re doing is party-wide strategy. Al From & Co have convinced the party hierarchy (except, as far as I can tell, Howard Dean) that their best chance for winning in ’08 is to keep the war going, and the minority BD Caucus is deliberately backing Republican policies because they’re conservatives and they believe in that shit.

    NOTHING, imo, is going to change until the hold the Alliance has on the party is broken, and that isn’t going to happen unless primary challengers start winning on the basis of attacking Dem incumbents’ pro-war, anti-Constitutional voting records.

  2. Yeah, like I’ve said, I’m at a point now where I’m ready to back some tough primary challengers.

    And, I mentioned this in a convo I had with Matt last night, or maybe the night before, but I come right out and admit, I’m a Dem shill, mainly because what we’re doing right now really opens up for Republicans to sneak in there and win elections whilst we shoot each other in the face.

    So understand that coming out even this far to criticize Dems takes effort on my part. But we agree here in that they’re just not doing their job, and someone with some brass testes or ovaries needs to get in there and quit this spineless crap.

    I mean, this is the only option; fixing the Democratic party because as we’ve discussed back when you first came over, the third party option just won’t work. It’s like trying to brew your own cola and trying to put it out there to compete against Coke and Pepsi; your friends might drink it if it’s any good but no one else is gonna even know it exists (there, that oughtta get us going for some time).

  3. Mark says:

    Harry Reid needs to be dropped off in Afghanistan.


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