Hello Reality, We Missed You

Last week, Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker delivered their report to Congress, resulting in a major primetime speech from the President that, surprise surprise, the “surge” was such a great success that we would be able to bring back home 5,700 troops in the coming months, but not so great of a success that we can actually begin a full scale withdrawl.

With that bit of kabuki out of the way, we can all rest back, and rejoin reality.

As it turns out, reality isn’t quite so fun, though:

The Pentagon reported to Congress Monday that political progress in Iraq remains stalled despite a surge in US forces, and warned that improvements in security were not enough to win the war.

The quarterly report to Congress on stability and security in Iraq said the surge had led to improvements in security, including a drop in sectarian killing and civilian casualties and a downward trend in attacks.

“Improved security and stability is not enough to win the counterinsurgency,” the report said. “Political progress must also be achieved to reinforce and complement progress in securing the Iraqi population.”

“There has been little national-level political progress in passing key legislation and implementing government reform,” it said.

“Efforts within Iraq’s political process to seek consensus remain complicated by continued sectarian divisions and violence that exacerbates those divisions,” it said.


“Prospects for success in the near term hinge upon the return of key political blocs to the Maliki government,” the report said.

Oh…  You mean, those blocs were IMPORTANT?  Really?  So when Mouqtada al Sadr left the Iraqi government over the weekend, that was bad?  And when a major Sunni bloc quit the government, that too was not exactly what we wanted in regards to actually getting progress in Iraq?

Jeez, reality kinda sucks.

Look, here’s fair warning.  If things don’t get better soon, I’m going to start drinking the kool-aid if for no other reason than to quit from getting depressed by virtually every story that crosses my desk.

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