Hey, Look America … It’s O.J.!

My stomach churned with tonight’s news of the arrest of O.J. Simpson. Not because I think the arrest isn’t deserved; I don’t know anything about what he did or didn’t do. But because it will – given the media’s obsessive need to overblow such stories – distract from the in depth debate that has been occurring on Iraq.

The Bush administration has undoubtedly cheered the news. The Righties will now get to focus on one of their pet obsessions – the one black guy who got away. No doubt, the media will treat it as if every twist in the story greatly impacts all our lives while decreasing coverage of the life and death issues involved in Iraq and, more broadly, American foreign policy.

Unfortunately, and as odd as it sounds, my feeling is that this story may prolong our wrong-headed strategies in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the World.

2 Responses to “Hey, Look America … It’s O.J.!”

  1. Sadly you are correct. I just turned on MSNBC and, sure enough, it is wall to wall OJ.


  2. Great… It’s the nineties all over again. If I have to go back to high school, someone’s getting a punch to the throat.

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