In A Right Wing Town, A Dead End World

The Right’s Field (via Oliver Willis) posted this hilarious piece about how the Township of Riverside, New Jersey, shot itself in the foot by passing a tough ordinance punishing anyone who employed or rented to illegal immigrants. In short, as the illegal immigrants left, the economy tumbled. The Township also faced costly litigation over the ordinance. The piece links to this New York Times article for the full story.

The ordinance has now been rescinded as the Township came to realize its morals ultimately did have a price tag. I have long been amazed at this hypocritical disconnect amongst the anti-immigarationers. They reap all the economic benefits from the current wave of Latin immigration while at the same time engaging in self-righteous proselytizing and even fury at the people who are creating these benefits.

This disconnect has led us to the passage of unduly restrictive immigration laws that are then largely ignored out of economic necessity. I say let the anti-immigrationers have their own little towns where they can pass ordinances like the one in Riverside. It would destroy their ability to contribute to their wingnut politicians even faster than … say … the Iraq War is doing for Republican candidates today.

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