In Honor (Imagine the Possibilities)

What is most significant about the blogosphere, in my view, is that it enables direct and immediate communication — and coordination — among huge numbers of dissatisfied citizens who want to force new ideas and arguments into what was previously a closed and highly controlled media and political dialogue. And, gradually and incrementally, it’s working. I think we are at the very beginning of that process and the impact on our country’s political processes will only grow, vastly.
-Glenn Greenwald, Unclaimed Territory (April 26, 2006,

I could not agree more. In just five days our campaign to raise money for Fisher House on behalf of the the Op-Ed soldiers Omar Mora and Yance Gray has produced a previously unimaginable $4,871. Now imagine how much we could raise if Glenn Greenwald were to actually plug this fund raising effort? Or how about Andrew Sullivan, Duncan Black, Markos Moulitsas, Michelle Malkin, or any number of other highly influential bloggers.

And why stop with bloggers? Progressive stalwart and personal hero of mine Bill Moyers did the following tribute to these same soldiers. Wouldn’t it be nice if he were to mention the cause?

Ok, I am tipping my hand a bit as Kyle will have more on this later but suffice to say we have collectively achieved an incredible feat that could be even more powerful with the addition of any one of the folks mentioned above.

Let me take this opportunity to once again remind everyone of the list of bloggers already participating. If you wish to join head to the original post, In Honor, and follow the instructions.

2 Responses to “In Honor (Imagine the Possibilities)”

  1. Actually, thanks for doing this, it will make tomorrows post easier.

  2. Kyle,

    Ok. Sitting in the PGH airport and enjoying the benefits of living in a Democrat controlled town – Free Wi-Fi. On the upside, I can drain my laptop battery reading about how matt has a man crush on Ron Paul. On the downside, I do NOT have access to the emails you were looking for. Time to start data-mining my boy.

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