Intelligence Director Lies To Senate

I’m speechless.

Okay, obviously I’m not, and rarely ever am, but this comes pretty close to taking me there.

When you’re trying to sell something, obviously you play up the good, and play down the bad. Clever advertizers actually manage to play up the bad in a humorous way so that your curiosity is piqued and you give it a shot anyway.  Of course, you could go the easy route and just lie about your product and hope no one catches you in it.

For instance, you can claim your product does or did something it actually didn’t do. Like, I dunno, maybe claiming your paper towels can remove paint, or, that your super secret warrantless spy program helped fail a terrorism plot in Germany.

Which is exactly the claim that Director of Intelligence McConnell made to Congress in regards to the foiled terrorism plot. That the newly instated warrantless FISA program was the key to giving Germany the necessary intelligence they needed to stop what would have most assuredly been dubbed by wingnuts here on this side of the puddle, “The German 9/11”.

Only, and here’s the funny part.  As it turns out, the information turned over to the Germans to help foil the terrorism plot didn’t come from the shiny new FISA laws, it came from the old ones… with warrants installed.

So, not only was McConnell’s point about how great the new FISA law is actually not proven here because we managed to do just fine WITH warrants, but he lied to Congress about it.

But no… seriously… we really need this new law.  I’m not kidding.  We’ll prove it someday, honest.

14 Responses to “Intelligence Director Lies To Senate”

  1. Laura says:

    The Intelligence Director lying to The Senate!??!!! I guess it rolls downhill because my congressman lied to me when I asked him about his vote to support the latest FISA revision. He told me terrorism is very real and this measure increases my safety because it’s a very valuable tool to fight terrorism; where is the proof and at what cost? (…And he’s a new democratic arrival who replaced a very well-known republican in a red state! He knows why we put him in Washington….) If I’m so safe, why am I nervous when I call my Iranian hair stylist? You know, she calls her extremely elderly mother weekly back in Iran; then I call her monthly for an appointment…. there’s a pattern there which should probably be monitored….. I feel real safe… like I always feel when I ‘m being watched…

  2. TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!! TERRRORIST!!!!! Obviously anyone who has their hair done by an Iranian on a monthly basis is in league with al Qaeda.

    Happily, if memory serves, the passing of this new FISA lawis only very very temporary, like six or nine months. I could be wrong on that.

  3. xranger says:

    Hey! You’re in “Murica! Why don’t you hire an Amurican hair dresser!


  4. I… I don’t know what to say… X… were you being… sarcastic?

  5. Laura says:

    Yes, temporary. That’s why AT&T is already gearing up for their bi-annual communication interception equipment sale!! I hear it’s really something!! Goofiness aside, I hope you’re right about the temporariness. Xranger, you sound like my ‘give-you the-shirt-off-his-back’ cousin who shot up his Dixie Chick albums a while back… I think she is American, but I didn’t check ‘her papers’, so it may be another example of me facilitating terrorism… I haven’t actually received my “Terrorism–3 Easy Steps” brochure yet, but I have figured out a way to light and keep my shoes on fire while I’m on a plane.

  6. Now now… We try to be nice to X. He’s our longest running commenting reader here, and I think he’s actually being sarcastic (he’s much more verbose when he’s serious). And yeah, I think it was only a six month pass to give congress time to rethink the whole thing, but we’ll have to check in and see. As for the terrorism brochure, actually, not long after 9/11 we actually did uncover an al Qaeda handbook, I’ll see if I can’t dig up a link for you later on today.

    I personally think it’s an important thing to read as it gives a lot of insight into how terrorist organizations think and act.

  7. Laura says:

    I will always be nice to xranger! It was ‘Murica-speak; his sarcasm was well received. I’ve read his posts and can see he’s not thin-skinned. I hope he’ll be as witty about anything I post worth his time to comment… I do realize I might tone it down a bit, as sarcasm doesn’t always play well in black and white… (and I truly love my cousin; he actually did a skeet shoot performance with his Dixie Chick albums, tho’, “Pull!” KaBlammo!!! I’m serious! )

    On the issue of telecommunications warrantless interception: I’m really very concerned about the dismantling of an infrastructure that hasn’t been inexpensive to install…. How will we know they won’t still use it? Because they’ll say they won’t use it if the law changes? Makes me nervous.

    Anyway, are you serious about the al Queda handbook? That could be interesting…

  8. Laura says:

    Seriously! Thanks!!

  9. xranger says:

    When I was a soldier a zillion years ago, I had a redneck platoon leader that hated it when the Hispanic troops spoke to each other in Spanish.

    He used to say, “Hey! You’re in ‘Murica! Speak Amurican!”

    I thought it was funny then, as now.

    Ya know, you can’t take life too seriously…

  10. We actually had a problem with that on the Ike. The rules about foreign languages shipboard are actually kinda fuzzy, believe it or not, and actually the ship is supposed to set its own rules.

    I don’t mind it personally, so long as when we’re working together you’re speaking a language that I speak. But it’s a kind of different situation in that context. When you’re underway for six months, I think it’s good for morale to do what you can to make your off duty time feel as much like home as you can get it. Kinda like, okay, so you can’t sleep in a real bed, and it’ll be at least a month before you even see dry land so I guess it’s okay if youwant to speak spanishon the mess decks with your friends.

    As for Amurican, yeah, that’s kinda funny.

  11. Laura says:

    So, I go check out ‘the site’ and today I get this from a Mark Crispin Miller mailing:;_ylt=AutzDjvIrKaP12vnCPZKW5oh2.cA

    By the way, after I was at ‘the site’, my power went out for an hour; coincidence? I think not… well, I did hear something about a transformer….

  12. Well, that’s nice and enlightening, isn’t it? I wrote a little something about that tendency in my “fear of knowledge” post.

    Because heaven forbid those against terrorists who want to learn more about the enemy should be given the chance.

    I’m just sayin’

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