Joltin’ Joe Gets It Done… Without Teeth Of Course

“Pushing on an open door,” as he calls it, Senator Joe Biden managed to push through what seems to be the first concrete bit of legislation aimed at forcing a true change in policy in Iraq.

Only one problem; this, too, is nonbinding.

The issue at the heart of the matter is, essentially, one I find myself somewhat in agreement with.  Biden and his cosponsor GOP presidential hopeful Sam Brownback have both been pushing for a kind of three state solution for some time now, and to be honest, this seems to me perhaps one of the sanest options out there.

In fact, I give Senator Brownback a lot of credit for being behind this proposal amid a field of GOP candidates that seem all too willing to push for more of the same while at the same time trying not to look too much like our current president.

But there are things that bother me about this bill.  The first is that it, too, is nonbinding, which really goes to the core of the political problem in Washington.  We spend a lot of time ragging on Democrats for not having a spine, and they deserve a lot of it, but we can’t forget the role that Republicans play in this.

Again I find myself reminded of the no confidence vote on Alberto Gonzales wherein many Republicans truly didn’t have confidence in the Attorney General, but because they were too buys playing partisan games, they refused to vote as such.  Same plays here.  If anything is binding, you can count on at least forty Republicans to stand up and procedurally filibuster whatever hits the table, at this point, presumably, solely to prevent giving Democrats a “win”.

But this vote belies both the pressure being put upon them by their constituents, and perhaps their own personal opinions and tendancies towards the Iraq war.  Despite what the very loud and caustic pro war bloc may have you say, Iraq is still a Quagmire, and very few Americans still want us over there.

And Republicans know it.  This is a safe vote because it is nonbinding; they’re not actually giving Democrats a win, but they’re also tossing a little meat to their constituents who are suffering, rightly so, from war fatigue.

Meanwhile, the actual bill itself seems to bother me.  One of the biggest problems I think that is ongoing in regards to Iraq is that we are still playing too heavily in its fate.  While I do believe some version of a three state solution would probably be beneficial to a degree, it is not for us to impose that upon the Iraqi people.

It is like Blackwater, and standing up a Shia government that turns its back on Sunnis, and de-ba’athification, and dismissing the Iraqi Army, and the Oil Law, and everything else.  We continue, at every step, to rob the Iraqi people of any semblance of self-determination that might be made available to them.

Considering that our own presence in Iraq has long since worn out its welcome amongst far too many Iraqis, it is therefore conceivable that any US determined solution is likely to result in the spread of animosity, as though we were the exact opposite of the fabled King Midas.

Everything we touch, turns to crap.

5 Responses to “Joltin’ Joe Gets It Done… Without Teeth Of Course”

  1. Laura says:

    Well, crap maybe, but it’s something. Doesn’t really have that charge to it you’d hope for in any legislation acknowledging the Q word. Still glad you posted it. (Can’t personally give Brownback credit for anything except the day comes that he says, “I think I’m leaving.” Sorry, he’s just too crazy… I should stop watching C-Span)

  2. Oh no, the man’s madder than a hatter, and kinda scares me much of the time, but I will give him as much credit as it’s worth, mind you, that’s not a lot, he is at least saner than many of his colleagues in that party!


  4. mick says:

    Glad you corrected that. For a moment, I was concerned.

  5. Me too… I almost called Sam Brownback sane, could you imagine that?

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