Keep Looking Under The Desk Mr. President.

It’s hard to forget the slideshow.  Back then, only five hundred American soldiers had died in the Iraq War, so maybe it was kosher to joke like that, but even back then there were some of us who failed to find the humor in slides depicting President Bush searching all over the Oval Office for weapons of mass destruction.  The weapons of mass destruction that were the reason for us invading Iraq, destroying a nation, and sending so many of our own young men and women to death.

But there he was, in front of jounalists and politicians, turning the premise upon which we went to war into a joke.

The information came out slowly over the years, the dissents, the discreditations.  Aluminum tubes the entire Department of Energy had tried to say were not usable for nuclear centrifuges, Joe Wilson coming back from Niger and saying there was no way anyone had tried to buy yellow cake from the country, and other faults in the intelligence would eventually put to rest the idea that Saddam Hussein either had, or was in the process of getting, weapons of mass destruction.

It just wasn’t so.  And eventually America came to grips with that concept.  Most did anyway…

Tragically, our president, the man who had ALL of this information available to him from the beginning, as late as last year still believed Saddam had WMD hidden somewhere in the sands of Iraq.

According to the book, Dead Certain, a biography of Bush that is sending tongues a-wagging throughout DC and the political blogosphere, while Bush announced back in 2004 that he no longer believed there were WMDs in Iraq, he confided to his former chief of staff Andy Card for two years after the public announcement that he still thought they were over there.

Going beyond the blatant ignorance of believing something that simply wasn’t true, to fully grasp the failure of competence here, you have to understand the level of information available to the President.  You have to understand that unlike us who had to wait for dissents to be de-classified and reported upon, he had them from the beginning.

We now know that much of the intelligence that made the case for us to go to Iraq was cooked up for our consumption; a move in order to gain public support for a war pre-ordained to be waged.  What this little bit of information tells us is that at the very least there is even more confirmation that Bush was absent throughout much of the decision making of the war.

At the worst, it says that some of the information was cooked up and cherry picked for his consumption as well.

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