Larry’s Lament: Senator Pled Guilty “Under Pressure”

Senator Larry Craig (R – Closet) filed papers today to withdraw his guilty plea to misdemeanor disorderly conduct for his bizarre behavior in a Minnesota public restroom. If the media reports are to believed, Craig is arguing his plea is the result of “manifest injustice” because he was under pressure due to media scrutiny of his sexuality.

Here’s my instant analysis of this argument: it’s not going to fly. 99.9% of all guilty pleas are obtained under various forms of pressure. Hell, I’ve heard of pleas obtained where the prosecutor charges both a husband and wife and gets the husband to take the plea in exchange for dropping charges against the wife. I have never heard of any plea being thrown out because it was obtained under pressure.

And that’s just too bad because it likely means we’ll soon be done with our fun lil’ freak from Idaho. Now, Idaho will send a new white man to Washington who will once again be in the pocket of the timber and mining industry, but is not – oh, Lordy – gay.

Regardless, Craig’s goofy motion to withdraw his plea gives us an opportunity at CFLF to enjoy, as we so often like to do, a bit of music.  This, of course, is from Queen:

3 Responses to “Larry’s Lament: Senator Pled Guilty “Under Pressure””

  1. God I wish youtube wasn’t firewalled at work, I love that song.

  2. Macswain says:

    I think it was written by Vanilla Ice.

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