Late Night Logic: Black Metal Nation

In honour of Mark Ames classic 2004 NY Press book review comparing Neoconservative poster children Richard Perle and David Frum with homicidal Norwegian Black Metal fanatics (Obsession with ‘evil’? Check. Portentous nicknames? Check. Hubris-laden, irony-deficient boasting born of perceived past grievance? Motherfucking check!), a selection of primo (but not necessarily Norwegian) Black Metal vids (h/t Paul Kerr for the Ames article).

Mayhem – My Death (Live @ Wacken ’04)

Gorgoroth – Carving A Giant

Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards

Dissection – Starless Aeon

Old Man’s Child – Doommaker (Live @ Wacken’98)

ChthoniC – Quasi Putrefaction

Darkthrone – Too Old Too Cold

Enslaved – Path To Vanir

(Ok, so Enslaved are admittedly more Viking than Black Metal. All you anal-retentive fanboys who actually give a toss about such inconsequential distinctions can lick my collectivist ass. Y’all are like Trekkies in corpse paint – get a life.)

4 Responses to “Late Night Logic: Black Metal Nation”

  1. You gotta wonder what some of the backstage parties for these bands are like.

    Actually, I don’t… I can get a little squeamish.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Safe to say meat is involved. Lots and lots of fresh meat (butcher shops rejoice when Gorgoroth come to town!)

  3. Oh, right, the guys who play power chords on a friggin base, as though going drop friggin Z isn’t gutteral enough.

    I actually kinda like it. Woulda worried about our status as family friendly but Mike pretty much killed that when he posted the suicide girls video (which actually prompted a brief moment where at least I contemplated the idea of switching comments up to a pron site).

  4. Sorry guys but I am digging my Atlanta girls (live for another half hour) over at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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