Losing The PR Battle

You know, it’s getting kinda old listening to the whole, “Defeatocrats have put so much into losing the Iraq war that now that we’re winning, they’re screwed,” meme. Aside from the fact that we now have to have a conversation as to what exactly winning means, as well as the fallacy that most of us are rooting for our own defeat, there is the political aspect which, just like so much of the Bushite world, has ever so little to do with actual reality.

For instance, would you believe that Bush’s speech didn’t help his case for keeping the war going on in Iraq at all? And this isn’t just MY opinion, but the opinion of the American people. According to a just released CBS poll, 72% of Americans want America out of the Iraq but because of Bush’s stubborness, don’t think that will actually happen. Which I guess has one upside in that this president did turn out to be a uniter, he merely united us against him.

The flipside fo that number provides a curious silouhette of the magic 26-29% approval rating the President has managed to solidify. But there is even more interesting information offered by the poll and article:

Kept same
Remove all troops

Pre-speech, 9/4-8/2007
Kept same
Remove all troops

Now, if Bush’s goal was to increase support for his ongoing war efforts, than it would appear that he’s failed at that like so many other aspects of his presidency. No, it would seem as though his speech had only increased the desire of the American people to pull our troops out of Iraq.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at the ratings. When the ratings for Bush’s speech are compared to the rebuttal offered by Senator Jack Reed, on both CNN and Fox News, Reed rated significantly higher than Bush, while on MSNBC alone did Bush get more viewers but that by a much smaller margin.

The message is pretty clear, after six years of Bush ignoring the American people, they’re starting to give him that attention right on back.

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