Meet Bush, Get Killed

Fateful Moment
Fateful Moment

Is it always the opposite with Righties? They claim liberal rhetoric about timelines, benchmarks, whatever, poses a threat of danger to the troops, Iraqis, everyone. Yet, I bet you won’t hear any condemnation of President Bush’s use of a Sunni sheik as a prop ten days ago; a sheik who was assasinated today.

There are a lot of violent players with various motives throughout Iraq and we shouldn’t stifle our full debate in this country based on speculation as to what they might do. We should adjust our policy, subject to an appropriate cost-benefit analysis, to best reduce violence overall.

I don’t fault Bush for reaching out to the Sunni sheiks and support their courage in standing up to al Qaeda. However, using the guy for a photo op only served to put a target on his back. We know from the recent poll of Iraqis that they, and the Sunnis most of all, don’t like Bush. In reality, and this is common sense, the only Iraqis who can meet directly with Bush must live in the Green Zone and be surrounded by massive security details.

Was Bush’s need for PR to pimp staying in Iraq so important that he needed to put this guy in such a dangerous position?

3 Responses to “Meet Bush, Get Killed”

  1. I see this image this is still getting the best of you. LOL

    I hope I have it repaired.

  2. You know, this is just dicked.

    “Hey buddy, how ya doin’? Thanks for all the help, and here, let me just put this sticker on your back for ya. What? No, it’s nothing… It’s like the Presidential Medal of Freedom, only for Iraqis.”

    “Trust me.”

  3. rightwingjoe says:

    What??? GWB is the best thing and the best man for POTUS in our time. Idiots.

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