Mikey? … Present. Macswain? … Present. Kyle? … Kyle? … Damn It, Kyle! Get HBO Already!

HBO is set to wrap up another great summer season with tonight’s finales of Entourage and Flight of the Conchords. Those two great shows were only eclipsed by HBO’s second season of Big Love, which ended last week. (HBO did have a misstep with John From Cincinnati which the wife and I watched all the way through after realizing it had some camp value).

Though I missed posting on “Something Light for a Saturday Night,” I figured with tomorrow being a holiday I would make up for it tonight.

To celebrate tonight’s Cochords finale, here’s a clip from New Zealand’s second best band (after Brit & Jehmein, of course), Crowded House. It would’ve been easy to go for one of their older classics. However, their latest release is excellent and has a good chance of making Macswain’s year-end, top ten list. Here’s their new tune, Don’t Stop Now.

Oh what the hell. I’ll give you what you really want. Here’s Flight of the Choncords with a twist that neither Mikey nor Kyle gave you with their past video postings of this great band … Murray Sings!!! The tune is Leggy Blonde. Damn near brings a tear to my eye.

6 Responses to “Mikey? … Present. Macswain? … Present. Kyle? … Kyle? … Damn It, Kyle! Get HBO Already!”

  1. Haha, I will be watching my boy!

  2. harumph. Been trying for ages now to get the wife to go in on cable, and at this point, I just need to let it go and live in the now.

  3. But if it makes yall feel better, I am watching youtube FoC videos.

  4. Mac,

    I will hold my appraisal of these two season finales until after they air on the West coast. Let me know what you think.

  5. Macswain says:

    Both finales were solid though not the best episodes in either.

    Funny that both shows really have the same ending.

  6. I agree. They were both a bit of a let down what with the Cannes failure and the failure of the band. I was kind of hoping for a more happy ending from both.

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