More On Republicans Supporting The Troops

Republicans once upon a time tried to sell themselves as the “party of ideas”, but with Democrats in Congress putting forth an idea or two of their own, it would seem more accurate to label the GOP as the “party that takes good ideas, and makes them weaker.”

I’m talking, of course, about the Jim Webb Amendment.  The amendment, which was backed by the military, would require that troops spend the same amount of time stateside as they do in Iraq.  It was first proposed in July, but failed by a 56-41 vote.  Now, as part of Democratic efforts to force some sort of change, the bill is supposed to be reintroduced tomorrow as back room negotiations have appeared to garner the support of a few more Republican votes.

All would seem to be going well in order to give our troops on the ground the much needed down time to aid the morale of our fighting forces.  But never underestimate Republican efforts to undermine Democratic attempts to provide some sort of relief for our military.

Just when it looked like Webb’s originally failed bill might make it through congress, GOP Presidential Candidate John McCain, and outgoing GOP Senator John Warner have opted to write their own version.

This new bill has similar language as Webb’s except where Webb’s would mandate the downtime, the resolution offered by McCain and Warner would be NON BINDING.

On top of this, the Republican version is likely to strip Republican support away from Webb’s bill, most notably the support of Senator John Warner who appears to be following in Senator Arlen Specter’s footsteps with style.

But hey, if you want a party to put yellow ribbons on their cars and wrap themselves in the flag, you know where to look.

3 Responses to “More On Republicans Supporting The Troops”

  1. mick says:

    Been just a glorious day for the GOP, ain’t it? They must be so proud.

  2. No kidding.

    Let me tell you this. there’s only one way Warner can get away with this and that’s because he’s retiring. Virginia is a very pro-military state. A lot of red, but even the blue here acknowledges the significant military family population round these parts.

    I got a lot of respect for Webb, and I wish I would have been in on his campaign. I’m not with him on gun control, but you know his own service experience really gives him a lot of credibility on foreign policy and military issues and he’s dead right here, and the fact that Republicans are taking the South route on it is just silly.

  3. Also, believe it or not, I’m actually kinda pacing myself, I think there are a couple more Republicans suck stories out there, but I don’t want to be seen saying the same song over and over.


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