Movie Time!!!

Oh!  It’s almost movie time!  I can’t wait.  Someone make sure there’s some popcorn and cola ready to go, because I got the HD tv and the Bose surround sound.  With the anniversery of the September 11th terrorist attacks just around the corner, what better time could there be for a new Osama bin Laden video?

I gotta admit, it’s been a w hile… almost three full years to be exact.  I was wondering where the terrorist mastermind had gone off to; definitely a long time to leave us in the dark.  But apparently that’s all going to change as news is hitting the wires that OBL himself will be addressing the world, complete with a dyed beard and all.

What’s he going to talk about?  No one knows but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he mentions a little something about the “gifts” and “blessed invasion of Manhattan” that everyone seems to be talking about these days.

Gifts sound pretty cool, but I’m not so sure about this whole “blessed invasion” thing.  Definitely sounds unpleasant.  But how bad can it be, really?  It’ s just Osama bin Laden, the same guy who… um… right, the same guy who orchestrated the murder of over three-thousand Americans six years ago.

Yeah, okay, I can see how this could be a bad thing.

Of course, the big question in my mind is why is he not currently behind bars rotting the rest of his life away?

Oh right, because Bush,”don’t know where he is, and frankly [he] just don’t think about him that much.”

Way to go Mr. President.  Good job.  How’s that Global War On Terror ™ going again?

5 Responses to “Movie Time!!!”

  1. Kos says:

    Man, you’re retarded.

  2. One shot, elaborate and have an intelligent discussion, or shut the fuck up and deal.

  3. matttbastard says:

    Love how there’s been a recent convergence of uncovered terror plots over the spate of a week (and now the Thompson-style preemptive announcement of a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Bin Laden video). All prior to Colin Powell’s address to the UN Gen. Petraeus’ Congressional testimony (which just happens to be kickin’ off 9/11 week).

    Wake me up when September ends (or, rather, the next Friedman).

  4. Well, you’ve read my multiple theses on Terror Management Theory right? We’re suckers for it here south of the border.

    God, that’s weird to say.

  5. redhawk says:

    Sadly New Yourk City has already been invaded.. Chuckie Scxhumer , the still alive Communist, is still there… and spewing BIG lies about our Marines and Army troops success in An War province, funny part is that never having been there , well it just makes this MORON another Pathetic LIAR!!! GO LEFT GO LEGY.. Match off the Pier into the Hudson River like the pack of RATS you really are!!!


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