Myopia in Iraq (Or Petraeus as a Resource Hog)

Leave it to Russ Feingold to ask some critical questions regarding the myopic view of Petraeus and Crocker on Iraq that gives short shrift to our need to confront the al Qaeda safe haven in Pakistan (&, I’ll add, our need for resources to salvage the ever messier Afghanistan situation).

Crocker is simply nuts if he truly believes, as he seems to claim, that we have sufficient resources directed toward al Qaeda in Pakistan. In reality, we aren’t really doing anything of significance regarding the Pakistan problem. Moreover, as I previously posted, violence from insurgents (which surely includes the Taliban and al Qaeda) in Afghanistan is growing and it appears we are ceding the rural areas to the insurgents.

Petraeus simply plays dumb on the issue claiming, in effect, that his job is really just Iraq. Yet, if he is going to be sent to Congress as the point man for a request that he be given all the troops he claims he needs in Iraq, he should have some honest assessment about what impact his grab for resources has on America’s ability to address our other interests. If he can’t comment on these broader issues, his testimony is basically worthless on the biggest issue facing us – how best to use our limited military and monetary resources.

In short, how can Petraeus recommend we give him all these resources without any assessment that they are better used in Iraq than elsewhere?

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