Off The Reservation

One wonders which Alan Greenspan bombshell will provide more ammunition for right wing character assassins – claiming Iraq really was about the crude, dude; or “harshly criticising George W Bush for ‘abandoning fiscal constraint’ and praising Bill Clinton’s anti-deficit policies during the Nineties as ‘an act of political courage.'” Oh, and don’t forget the Big Dog’s “sharp and ‘curious’ mind, and ‘old-fashioned’ caution about the dangers of debt.”

Al’s really asking for a full-on bombardment from the flying monkey brigade.

Speaking of Iraq (and death from above), the same Observer article quoting Greenspan’s treasonous observations of President Clinton’s superior financial acumen also reports that a recent poll indicates more than 1.2 million Iraqis “may have died” as a result of the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation. ORB, the UK polling firm that conducted the survey, doesn’t cop out with the passive voice:

In the week in which General Patraeus reports back to US Congress on the impact the recent ‘surge’ is having in Iraq, a new poll reveals that more than 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered since the invasion took place in 2003.”

As John Boehner would say, ‘a small price’ to pay.

Related: Defense Secretary Robert “Iran Contra” Gates foresees a US presence in Iraq for a “protracted period” in a “much more limited role” if “conditions prevail in Iraq that allows us to continue the drawdown that the president has talked about” (in other words: “stay the course, motherfuckers”) as McClatchy factchecks (and finds wanting) President Bush’s spurious claim that “ordinary life is beginning to return” to Iraq as a result of the (PR) surge.

Update: More on Greenspan’s upcoming memoirs (including more praise for President Clinton) from Bob Woodward (h/t Raphael Alexander).

(Gates links edited to provide source(s) for Gates quote – damn AP and their continuous updates lol.)

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  1. On the protracted presence…I just watched John Kerry say emphatically that we need to have an “enduring relationship” with Iraq. You won’t find much wiggle room on this idea sadly.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Well, a long-term occupation (to quote Bob Kagan, “as long as it takes“) should come as no surprise. You don’t build the largest and most expensive US embassy ever–$600 mil and “roughly the size of Vatican City”, as per The Times (of London)–if one is planning on minimizing the US’ role in Iraqi affairs any time soon.

    The fact that John Kerry apparently accepts the Korea model as conventional wisdom only serves to reinforce what Mick was getting at yesterday (ducks!)

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