Patriots Caught In Domestic Spy Probe?

Ok maybe not but hey, the coincidences are hard to ignore.

Surely you’ve heard by now how a Patriots minion was nabbed with a camera Sunday in the Meadowlands, allegedly having videotaped the defensive signals being called out by the New York Jets, so they could be more readily pilfered by the New England offensive brain trust.Security is a pressing issue for everyone. Egregious breaches cause all kinds of serious problems.

They can divulge our agents’ names to our enemies. They can provide sensitive information about weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. They can let the Patriots know when the outside blitz is coming.

Repeated attempts at unlawful “domestic” spying

“It’s not their first time,” a member of the committee, who did not wish to be identified, said.

In fact, Green Bay Packers president Bob Harlan confirmed a similar incident that occurred when the Patriots played at Lambeau Field last Nov. 19. The same cameraman who was questioned by NFL security on Sunday was also the one whom the Packers removed from the sideline and escorted from the field during their 2006 game, according to Packers security official Doug Collins.

And multiple visits to the White House.

Little did he know that, like Forrest Gump, the Patriots would be invited to the White House again. And would meet President George Bush again. And again.

Someone had better quickly file a FOIA request for the White House visitor logs.


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