Pin-Ups for Vets

We at Comments From Left Field are always looking for good causes to support and there is certainly none better than that of our hospitalized veterans. So when I received an email this morning from none other than modern day pin-up girl and hard working performer Gina Elise you can imagine my reaction. [Hey now, settle down guys!]

Most of us recall pin-up’s as a phenomenon of WWII but they started well before and lasted until the late sixties when, sady, they disappeared.

You can blame Bob Guccione or Larry Flint for that one I guess.

In any event, it is hard to recall WWII, Korea, or even Vietnam without recalling images of nose cone art, tatoos, or paintings depicting the glorious pin up girl. Fast forward a couple generations and the pin-up girl has been revived for a good cause.

Gina started Pin-Ups for Vets in 2007 with just that in mind.

A few years ago, I started seeing news articles about under-funded Veterans’ healthcare programs. Then, there were stories about older Veterans who lay in bed day after day, never receiving any visitors. Reports started surfacing on TV about the severe injuries sustained by our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The more I heard about the uphill battles of our Wounded Warriors, the more convinced I was of the need to produce a project that would bring in funds to support all of our hospitalized Veterans.

My late Grandpa Lou served in the army for 4 years during World War II. I wanted to do something to honor his name. I always loved the romance of those bygone eras – especially the 1940’s – and I drew inspiration from the World War II pin-up girls, whose photos and paintings boosted morale for our soldiers fighting overseas.

The 2007 calendar was a big success and here we are, heading into 2008 and Gina has put together another set of classic pictures for next year’s calendar.

Gina Elise
Gina Elise – Pin Ups for Vets

If you like what you see (and how could you not) please head over to Pin Ups for Vets and get yourself or your favorite GI a copy of the Pin Ups for Vets 2008 Calendar. Remember, they are for a good cause.

1. The calendars would be sold to raise funds for our hospitalized Veterans.

2. The calendars would be delivered as gifts to our ill and injured Veterans with messages of appreciation from the donors.

3. The calendars would be sent to our deployed troops to help boost morale and to let them know that Americans back home are thinking of them.

Many thanks to my friend Chris Short from Conservative Thinking for sending Gina our way. He has a great interview with Gina from earlier this year that is most definitely worth a read.

4 Responses to “Pin-Ups for Vets”

  1. Chris Short says:

    I really appreciate you doing this for Gina who is doing more for vets and the troops than a lot of us here in the blogosphere.

  2. Macswain says:

    Just a formatting question. Why is the picture below the fold?

  3. Seriously? Should I have lead with it?

  4. matttbastard says:

    I sent a link to this post to someone who might hopefully be able to use her mighty powers of promotion and persuasion to help push a few copies.

    And now,


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