Powell Before the UN, REDUX!

The General nailed the accurate comparison of Petraeus’ much-anticipated appearance before Congress next week. It’s Powell before the UN all over again.

The media and the Democrats have all been cooing over how important what Petraeus will say is. But make no mistake. Just like Powell gamed America, so will Petraeus. I’ve written about Petraeus’ number games previously here.

Today, the Washington Post provides this must read piece on how the military and Petraeus are gaming the security numbers in Iraq to paint a rosy picture of success for the surge.

Let’s not be fooled again and let’s take count of those (e.g. Brian Baird) who are.

2 Responses to “Powell Before the UN, REDUX!”

  1. matttbastard says:

    Pshh, The General can kiss my heathen ass – I called the Petraeus = Powell @ the UN analogy ages ago.

    A-listers *spits*


  2. HAhahah…

    Yeah, i think I called that one a while ago too.

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