Quote of the Day 2: ‘No Loose Cannon’

The rhetoric from Paris clearly makes an attack on Iran more likely. Until Kouchner and Sarkozy weighed into the debate, it was possible to argue (not entirely inaccurately) that the only real “war party” in western governments, was confined to a coterie of unrepentant neo-cons, grouped around Vice-President Cheney. But now that even France is talking of war, the international calculations will surely shift.

Financial Times chief foreign affairs columnist Gideon Rachman, ‘Bellicose Bernard Kouchner

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day 2: ‘No Loose Cannon’”

  1. Oh, so since France wants to go to war, everything’s valid… My bad, must have missed the memo.

  2. matttbastard says:

    Well, yeah. It certainly gives the war party international cover. Russia is, of course, taking a contrary position:

    In an interview published in the Russian magazine Vremya Novostei, the deputy foreign minister, Alexander Losyukov, said any military intervention in Iran would be a “political error” with catastrophic results.

    “We are convinced that there is no military solution to the Iranian problem … besides, it is quite clear that there is no military solution to the Iraqi problem either,” he said.

    Ooooh, burn.

    (We’ll leave Chechnya out of the conversation, for now.)

  3. *thunk*

    Next thing you know, even high school students are going to burn Bush…

    oh, that already happened.

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