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I have to admit that I carry a tinge of guilt related to the fact that Comments From Left Field is categorized a “Pittsburgh blog” but I rarely comment on Pittsburgh politics. That being said, I play in that sphere and try my best to keep up to date on local issues. No current issue is bigger than the upcoming Mayoral election between the boy wonder Luke Ravenstahl and the sacrificial Republican lamb Mark DeSantis.

Skimming the Pittsburgh blogosphere this morning I came across one of the funniest comments of this election cycle from my good friend Phillip at Three Rivers Online. In talking about why he can’t bring himself to vote for a Republican in this race this gem emerged.

I don’t even know if he supports public transit or not. What public sector unions would he go after in order to get cuts? Wouldn’t he gut public services and bid out the services to Halliburton? Isn’t that what Republicans do? I don’t think he’ll invade Cleveland but I don’t know I’m just not sure…

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